Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Changing Face of The Lower Saint

Who says the rivers down here are never crowded?

Image via Stew Rood from the 11th of June when Calgary crowd came down 3 days too late

Here's a look at Hairpin and the famous flume at a variety of levels

70cms or so - Di

200cms - Mark Iwaasa

350cms - no paddler

550cms - no paddler


stew said...

Hubert took the great shot of Di on Sunday - thanx!

chris g said...

looks like we are getting ready for the annual siyeh trip. Spence emailed me wondering about this weekend (25th). I told him that may be a bit early. I was figuring the long weekend, or wed 29th or thur 30th.

THis will be sort of class IV ish with a couple of class 5 drops. There are a number of ports. Any of the V can be ported through the trees. Expect an unusual run where you can walk across the river at most any point.