Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Trips June 21st to 27th

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Flows are still up. The Calgary area may be flooding, but down here things are looking quite rosy. Belly is down to a reasonable level. The Castle is at a decent level of 42cms. The creeks are still flowing, and it is sunny.

I am taking off to the Crowsnest pass Tuesday after school to check out Gold Creek and some other waterfalls. Later this week I am going to have a look at Hell Roaring by Crypt. Boundary creek over the Carthew Alderson Summit should be flowing, however I still worry about all the trees. The run definitely has some gradient, but who knows what the rapids are like?

Drywood has become quite popular. I think there has been at least a half dozen descents over the last two weeks. I still can't seem to make the last drop clean though. I wonder if a Rapid article on it is in the works for next year???

Post your trips for the week below. I know I would take advantage of the great conditions.

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chris g said...

It looks like Siyeh is flowing right now. The snow bank at the top is completely gone. I imagine that means the run has been going on for a good week. Spencer Cox may be coming down this weekend to give it a go. They will either do it Sat. or Sunday, doing Cameron on the off day.