Friday, June 03, 2005

Lower Saint is Flowing! (as well as others)

Mike, Ronna and I just got off the Lower St. Mary's (Friday - on river @ 5:30PM)). The gauge was around 150cms!!!! I'm assuming the dam is releasing water. Rainwave was washed out, difficult to catch, but lots of good roller waves on that stretch. Might be worth trying to hit this weekend.

As well, the Upper St. Mary's if flowing over 100, the Belly was over 70 and the Castle is currently 82.2cms.

Gotta love that rain!

Mr. Hironaka (Blondie) on the wave train below the ledge a couple of years ago

Images from Wednesday June 9th.

bottom of haripin

The best surf around, 2/3 down hairpin

the end of the flume on hairpin

good surf on run no run


MarkKadijk said...

2 years ago, I paddled it at 20 cms. It was decent for me at the time, but surfing on the last wave before the A-Frame, I wacked my head on a rock when I went over. When I got into the trough of Rain wave, there only appeared to be about 1/2 foot of water between my boat and the rock below me. Anyway, if it does go up around 20, I would be into going out again. The road down to the A frame is going to be MUDDY!

MarkKadijk said...

Anyone interested in a Sunday afternoon on the Lower St?

Marko Polo said...

Hey Kadijk, give me a call 327-0563

MarkKadijk said...

Iwaasa, sorry I didn't get out last night. I may make it out tonight to the weir. I'll have to see how my wife's day went.

stew said...

I took a road trip yesterday and everything's up - ranging from big to spooky big with floating debris - be careful.

In addition to the heavy rain, the snow line came down quite low so the good news is that flows will be up for a while. Now we just need a bit of warmer weather for those of us who are cold-paddling whimps.