Monday, May 01, 2006

Great Link to River Flows!

Someone (kearl) emailed me a link to this site.

It gives you the flows of a bunch of rivers all at the same time! Chris will hopefully get this on the sidebar soon. With this site, you can quickly decide which flows are up and what would be best to paddle!

Nice Job "kearl"!


chris g said...

yep, I'll see about putting the feed just below each link. That way the side bar will show the real time flows. It may take a few days though to play around with the template.

chris g said...

I linked to it on the "flows" text at the top of the flow info.

I am trying to figure out a python script to mine the flow info sites. Thus a real time readout would be next to each river.

If anyone knows how to do this, drop me a line.

Stew said...

Great link! Nice to have flows all clustered together. A few years ago Wilco and I spent quite a bit of time with a hydraulic analysis and interpreting >1000 river trip reports from S. Ab. and derived flow recommendations that might also be helpful. We estimated 'minimum flow' the low flow that would still be worth the trip and the 'preferred flow' the low end of the 'ideal range'. The values are quite consistent with those posted except for the Sheep and Highwood. Relative to the Oldman Basin, here are our recommendations:

Minimal Preferred
River Reach Flow Flow
m3/s *
Upper Oldman 16 25
Lower Oldman 30 55
Willow Creek 6 10
Crowsnest 7 13
Castle 17 25
Upper Waterton 16 30
Lower Waterton 21 40
Belly 10 15
Upper St. Mary 17 30
Lower St. Mary 19 35
Milk 13 20
South Saskatchewan 60 100