Monday, May 14, 2007

Trips May 14 to May 21 (Begginer/Intermediate)

Post your begginer and intermediate trips here. The Pincher creek festival is on and is a great opportunity to get out on some easy water with large groups. Free boat demos are also available.


Scott said...

Can anyone suggest about a 2/2+ run that's nice and scenic, or an interesting paddle anyways?
In all honesty i'll paddle anything though ;)

chris goble said...

The upper section on the Middle fork of the Flathead from Bear creek to essex may qualify. It does have one tough class III like rapid on it though. Keep in mind you may not want ot do it at high flows without a good roll.

The waterton river would be on the easy side of II. I would put in at Olsens campground beofre the park and take out at the bridge. It is a long day.

You could also try a section of the two medicine from East Glacier down. It may be a long way to a take out though. I haven't done that section.

The north fork of the flathead is also supposed to be quite nice. It is over by Polebrige.

Stew & Di said...

Hope all got out in between the weather on the long weekend. We had a rather pleasant surf-splash on the Crowsnest - 'rathole' is a very friendly, small wave/hole with an easy recirculation that's easy to walk-in or float to (it's just downstream from the upper campground below Lundbreck Falls).

And ... at the risk of starting something that may cost us we note that many paddling blogs have a Swim-Board to fess up to the inevitable mishaps on the river. Any interest?

Scott said...

my vote is for
O- old man
A- accoladed
R- river
S- swimmers

sorry, i got bored at work