Monday, May 28, 2007

Trips May 27 - June 2 (beginner/intermediate)

Class I to II+ paddlers who appreciate life enough to not paddle with the monkeys in the advanced group, this is your post. Waterton and Upper St. are still very paddle-able, so get some groups out there. Leave comments on trips you are planning or would like to go on, and remember, paddle smiley side up... at least as often as possible :-)


Scott said...

apparently my girlfriend thinks convocating is more important than camping with me (as if), so i'm now free to paddle for the weekend. Should be gorgeous weather.

stew & di said...

Anybody in for a Rain Wave surf-session Friday afternoon. Lower St. Mary's still releasing.

Stew & Di

Stew & Di said...

Family Float through Box Canyon

Hey paddlerz,

We're gettin' tuned up for a trip down the Main Salmon and on Saturday, we'll do a family float through Box Canyon of the lower St. Mary (as long as the water stays up).

I'll be takin' the 'big, blue boat' our 14 ft raft and we have room for others to join us. Depending on the group, I'll either row or if other adults are along, we can paddle. I'll have our two kids in the raft and Di will kayak.

With flow of 25 cms, it'll be a II+ run with Run-no-run a technical III and Hairpin a III+ - both are easy to walk (our kids will).

It'll be a full-day float with stops at various play spots and a cooler for lunch and snacks on the river.

So for you whitewater paddlers, here's a chance to bring along your partner or for Clay, etc. bring along the kids.

We'll want some idea of who's coming in the raft so add a Comment here or give us a call tomorrow evening.

Stew & Di

Nathan said...


I have the kids for the weekend, and if I can get a sitter for the littlest one, I wouldn't mind joining the fun with my almost 3 year-old and 7 year-old. Do you have room in the raft for the 3 of us?


Stew & Di said...


Sounds great - our kids are 4 & 6 and they should have a blast.

Di and Irene will be in kayaks (so far).

We'll finalize plans tonight.


Scott said...

I'd like to join you guys. What time would you guys like to meet?
my cell is 315-0114