Thursday, May 24, 2007

Trips May 20-26 (Intermediate-Advanced)

Post any trips that are within the class 3 to class 5 range here. But remember to have fun while doing it.


Anonymous said...

Nathan Smith, Jon Low and I are planning to go paddling on either "two medicine" (depending on flows) or we are going to paddle "lower St. Marys" (depending on flows). Either one we are planning to take off about 2:30 from Nathan's house in Cardston (338 6th Ave W)

stew & di said...

Lower St. Mary is now flowing at about 30 cms - a low but good flow. Warmer weather forecast for the weekend.

Mackenzie said...

I would love to go out with you if my plans to go up and paddle the sheep don't pan out. Will let you know. Are you planning on Friday or Sat?

Nathan said...

We are planning the above trip for Friday. On Saturday, we are doing an Upper St. Run with some beginners.

Mackenzie said...

I will come with you because I was planning on Sat. for the sheep. I will be on my way back from Lethbridge with the kayak so I can meet you out there but it would be good if I could get a ride home with someone because I would like to send the rest of my family home so they don't have to wait for me. Let me know if this works for you!!

phone: 380-4130 just leave a voicemail

Stew & Di said...

'Fishin' Hole'

Yesterday's paddle was a reminder of why the Lower St. Mary is one of our very favorite runs - warm weather, fairly clear warmish water and lots of smooth features. At 30 cms, features were smaller than at higher flows but there are more and they're well defined.

And there's another play feature worth checking out - a hole at the tip of the meander, a hundred m or so upstream from our normal walk-in put-in for Rain Wave. It's a breaking wave/hole, about 3 boat-lengths wide with a 2 ft. or so foam pile.

You can get to it by walking straight-ahead rather than sliding down right to the put-in beach and you could probably also almost get up to it by paddling upstream from the normal put-in. We saw it last year as we floated by and a few times over the years we've seen anglers up there - so maybe 'fishin' hole' for now.

With heavy rain forecast for Monday and hot weather predicted for W/Th, if flow persists it might be worth an evening run this week (along with Rain Wave that was excellent yesterday). We'd be glad to see what bolder paddlerz than us might do with the hole.


Stew, Di & Irene

stew & di said...

Last week, I suggested a 'swim board' but maybe a broader mishap board might be even better (needs a better name). And as a submission, I admit to a rather insuffient job of tying on the boats yesterday and watched from behind in my Jeep as my 7-0 slid back and then did an air-ender off Di's van - fortunately the grab-look rope held producing the hovering kayak heading down Highway 5.


P.S. Oh wonderous adventurer Marco Polo - I took your advice and opened a flickr account - is this the best strategy for posting pic's? ... Jollin and others - flickr is created by Yahoo and thus probably pretty secure - I'd love to see the pic's from the Belly shuttle ...

Nathan said...

Hey Stew,

We tried out Fish Hole on Friday. The only problem with it is that it is so much fun to play on that we were exhausted before we even got started :-) We also had a paddler bust his paddle on it... thankfully, his walk out was minimal. Fish Hole is now on our list of park n' play holes.

Glad your boat held on to the van. I enjoyed the pic (yup, the flickr option is a good one).

A few of us are going out for the day on Tuesday the 29th. We are hoping to hit the Canyon, Carbondale, and some of Crowsnest including another drop down Lundbreck. If anyone is interested, call me at 330-9895.