Monday, May 09, 2005

Pincher Creek Club

I know some people stumble across this site while looking for paddling clubs in Southern Alberta. Lots of club information and contact information can be found at the AWA site at".

For others who may be closer to Pincher Creek Chuck Lee, has a very strong club running in Pincher Creek. For this year club paddles are

Monday 5-8 Advanced group doing river run
Tuesday 4-7 Novice group doing river run
Wednesday 5-8 Advanced group doing freestyle
Thursday 4-8 Novice and Advanced group doing slalom

Wednesday 6-9 Adult river runs (subject to change)

Club memberships are $20 I believe. Plus there are fees depending on which section one joins. Chuck would obviously have more information. From memory, I think the advanced group usually does the Castle Canyon, the Slalom is obviously on the Slalom course well below Lundbreck Falls. I would guess that the adult river run would usually be on the Crowsnest from the wooden bridge down to the slalom course. Of course these are just my recollections.

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