Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Trips May 31 to June 6th

Post your trips for the week here. I am looking for people to head creeking down to the Bitterroots south of Missoula or up in the Kootenays (skook, dutch, wildhorse, etc). A hiking trip up to the Granite creek access of the Middle Fork of the Flathead would also be OK.


MarkKadijk said...

Upper St. Mary's is up to about 40 cms. Anyone interested in going out this weekend some time?

chris g said...

It looks like all the rivers are getting huge right now. Upper Lee creek should be good (but woody as usual). Last time I ran it in flood it was getting close to class IV for the narrows. There are a couple of ledges up high that may wind up as good play holes at theses flows.

The belly is ripping. The initial surf wave is huge. I can only imagine what the sweet hole/ wave at the end is like. That river just gets better and better the higher the flows. Of course the side canal ledges at the start may have some tight recirc, so I would set up safety there, or take the right fork.

Drywood must be going big and strong. Too bad the gate is still closed till the 15th of June. The upper drop on Aldridge should be high enough to run. Wild Thing may be getting more than a bit wild right now.

Blackiston gets big at these flows. Make sure to check the bridge for logs. The upper section from Red Rock down is certainly worth the paddle. However last summer there were a tonne of small river wide logs up there. Chances are they will all have gotten washed down stream with this surge.

Bear creek in Montana should also be terribly fun right now.