Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend Reports

This last weekend, the St. Mary's was down quite low. Mark K. and I paddled it on Thursday night. It was quite bony. On Friday Mark I. and I went down to the Middle Fork. Bear creek was at medium - low flows. Fun, but not pushy. This is a fun, consistent run. After, we went down the upper Middle Fork. We took out at the bridge below the Goat Lick. This section is about the same length as the standard run down to West Glacier. There are fewer rapids, more swirly eddies, and some great scenery. There is one major rapid a ways below the goat lick. It is probably a III. The eddies are a bit squirly for begginers. These can be avoided by going down the center of the river.

Rivers in Waterton are also flowing nicely. Pass creek was at mediumm to low on Sat, making for some technical moves down the rapid above and below the falls. I would give the lower rapid a IV-. On Sunday flows had gone up and the rapids were bigger, but less technical. I have been putting in at the top of the flood plane. This gives another III drop through a section of red argillite. It also gives a few more surf and squirt holes. Walk to the top of the S-bend. Currenly the apparent log jam at the end of the S is washed out, making a clean path. It is a short peak to have a look for yourself.

Any other reports?

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