Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend Report II

A great weekend of paddling, with the flows coming up!

On Saturday, we saw 5 club members paddle down the Castle River. We started at N.B.Kirk's access and finished at the Canyon Bridge. Flows were at 36 cms for this mostly class II, which was ideal (see for flow details). We had 1 swim and everyone pulled off a least one roll when it counted!

See you on the river!

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stew said...

Had a road trip today to check out the St. Mary. Lower reach with <3 cms looks pretty sad. You can see the ledge that forms Rain Wave, nice smooth rock band right across the channel. Upper looked like it would be very good.

For something different, take a picnic lunch, boats and beach stuff to the Upper St. Mary Reservoir Campsite - very big sandy beach and with a shallow bay, the water should warm up fairly fast - an unknown recreation site. There are signs from the St. Mary Dam or alternately turn off the Highway 5 the opposite direction from the Spring Coulee road - after about 4 km, you'll see a sign to turn left. At the site head to the upper end where there are good sized sand dunes with sand that has blown off the reservoir zone when it's low.