Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I would like to thank all those that showed up for the AGM.

Although it can be a pretty tedious hour, it’s the only time we can get input from the club members. It’s when we decide the direction to take the club. If people want easier river trips, this is the time to voice that! As it was, most of those that showed up were interested in class III or higher, with a few people wanting class II or lower. For this year, expect most of the trips to fit the demographics of those that showed up.

See you on the river.

Minutes are found here


Nathan said...

Congrats and thanks to the new/old executive. Orka helped many of us have our first successful kayak season, and I am excited for the upcoming season and support that Orka will continue to give our growing paddling community.

Happy paddling!

chris g said...

Sounds just like what an outreach director would say.

Anonymous said...


I’m fresh out of school and just moved to Lethbridge from Ontario for a job with Alberta Environment. I’ve canoed my whole life and worked as a guide in northern Ontario last summer. I was at a conference in Edmonton and missed the AGM, but I’d like to meet some fellow paddlers from the Lethbridge area. I whitewater canoe, but I didn’t bring my boat with me. Can someone tell me how to join ORCKA, whether there are any open boaters in the club, and whether the pool sessions are still on? It looks like I should learn to kayak!

My email is matthewcoombs(at)trentu(dot)ca