Monday, May 15, 2006

Why Kayaking is Better than Biking

Well this weekend, I decided to stick around for Mothers Day and do a bit of biking with my brother. Biking eh? They should just call it "2 wheel suicide". Just kidding, don't want to offend those bikers out there. Anyways, long story short, monkey see, monkey do, monkey crash...

You don't get road rash like this kayaking! So this is why kayaking is better!

Well I hope everyone is getting excited about the long weekend! For those that are intimidated about kayaking, the 3 Rivers Whitewater Rendezvous (Snofest) is a nice way to paddle in larger groups for those that go it alone. They usually have a beginner, intermediate and advanced trip everyday. Great way to meet people and paddle with a safety net.

Anyways, good luck everyone on finding something to do this long weekend!

See you on the River!


wilco said...

Monkey needs training wheels.

Stew & Di said...

Croc Sighting on the Crowsnest

While biking is hazardous think about those 3 in Florida who recently got munched by crocadiles. You wouldn't think this could be a local hazard but today on the Crowsnest there was reportedly a Croc sighting ... it turned out to be Amanda's bright yellow 'Croc' clog shoe that fell in. Di took a later run down the river and said Croc had apparently been wrestled to shore by a fly fisherman. Amanda's left and right Croc's have now been reunited.

Pleasant paddle on the Crowsnest with a warm and sunny (and no wind) afternoon - the surf waves are starting to develop - 14 cms.

Should be an excellent paddling weekend.

Janson said...

Looks like the road rash I would get skateboarding!!! And I don't really do that any more, because it hurts, and Thats why I love kayalking.

Janson said...

I had some complications with my displayed name I was Kayaking_guitar, But I am now Janson

Con said...

anyone on the belly or waterton sat or sunday? email me please before 4 pm fri.
381 3644