Friday, May 05, 2006


As was mentioned at the AGM there will be a series of courses running out in the Cardston area this spring. The begginer course is a level 1/2 course. It will focus on basic paddling skills in a slow moving river setting. It should be a good introduction to such things as basic paddle strokes and techniques, loading boats, organizing shuttle, etc. It should also introduce you to some good novice runs. Enrollment is limited to 5 or 6. $100 including club membership. $150 with boat rental.

The intermediate course is a combination of a level 2/3 course. Paddlers should have previous white water experience equivalent to the upper St. Mary's. It will focus on river running skills, group dynamics and safety. A variety of runs will be done based on paddler experience and skill. Enrollment is limited to 4 or 5. $100 including club membership $175 with boat rentals.



wilco said...

I'm going to guess the picture is right below the oldman falls on the gap run, and who is that good looking guy in the forfront? Sorry I missed the AGM lots ont he go at the moment. Will fill you all in later.

Stew said...

Yeah, I recognize the location but I don't see any good looking guy in front.

chris g said...

The beginner course had a good first day with the session basically full. It looks like some dates may be harder to meet than others with other school activities competing for time. Today we are off to Beaverdam lake, meeting at the Alternate school at 3:45

chris g said...

Just a reminder the begginer course for next week has been moved to May 23rd at 4:00 at the alternate school. We may be able to get away a bit earlier as long as everyone is there.

Intermediate course is starting on the 24th. We are looking at 4:30 starting time, and I am going to change the run to the full upper saint instead of just the flatwater section as our groups look pretty confident. Expect 3h on the river

chris g said...

For Tuesday the 23rd, we will not be able to take the begginers on the upper Saint due to high flows (65cms). Instead we will run the 1/4 of the Waterton river fro the Park gate down to Waterton Springs Camground.

The intermediate course is still set for Wednesday. We will paddle the upper Saint, meeting at the Alternate school in front of Dairy Quen at 4:30 in Cardston.

Matt I will have a boat, skirt paddle ready for you.

chris g said...

Som pcitures of the course are found here

The water came up during the day, making for quite a challenging run. there were a few swims, but everyone did wonderfully. A challenging time to find begginer / intermediate water suitable for an after work day. The begginer course is meeting again on Saturday at 9:00am in front of Dairy Queen. The river will be the Upper Saint Mary (assuming the flows do not stay up). If they do we will likely have to move it to the woolford section or to the upper Waterton.

The intermediates are meeting Wednesday at 4:30 for a run on the upper saint mary's. This will just be a quick run to get our legs underneath us, and give us a chance to practice rolling.