Monday, May 22, 2006

Lower St. Marys on Victoria Day

The lower St. Marys is currently at 31cms, so I'm thinking hit it while it flows! I am thinking of a 4 or 5pm start, depending on who is available to paddle. Post if you wanna paddle!

Clayton & Matt Hironaka and Myself hit the river around 7pm and were off around 9:30. It was a great paddle, but a bit late. The play hole at the willow/birch? tree was awesome! Lot's of power and fun to play at the 31cms. I am hoping to get out on Friday (if the flows are still up) as I get off work early (2pm) and am looking for a few interested parties. A threesome would be nice!

See you on the river!


Nathan said...

Sorry we missed you, Mark. We threw together a last minute 6 am paddle for this morning on Upper... I hope you enjoyed Lower.

My dad picked up a tandem sit-on-top kayak that I went down on with him. It was a different experience, but it was fun. I recommend it at least once for every paddler (make sure it is with a beginner paddler that doesn't have much for balance :-).

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Linda said...

Hi Mark,
Did you have a good time on the lower St Mary's?
I was paddling the Oldman Gap run on Monday.
Are you planning to run the lower this coming weekend (May 27-28)?
Best wishes,
Linda Englehart

Marko Polo said...

Not sure yet. I am hoping to be on river. Could be anywhere!

chris g said...

If you want to get out Friday afternoon, I could do that. Belly is pumping so the play wave is great, even if the eddy is a bit washed out. Castle area would also go.

Nathan said...


I sent your paddle up with Janson. He'll get it to you as soon as he gets a chance. If you give him the $ for it, he will be able to get it to me on Saturday when he comes down for the coursee. Enoy.

Stew said...

Lower St. Mary's up to 50 cms. Crappy weather for weekend (rain & cool) that will discourage our paddling but should prolong and even increase the release through next week ... surf's up.