Monday, May 15, 2006

Long Weekend Trips May 19 - 25

Trips are still in the works for the long weekend. Ideas being tossed up are Kootenai river area in Monatana for Yaak and Kootenai (Class IV and V), the Lussier area for Skook and such (Class IV), or perhaps the Dearborn area (Class II, 0 and V). Hopefully others will be heading out as well. The Calgary area looks poor for flows, Monatana ideal, and the Kootenays pretty good, getting quite high as you head south west.


chris g said...

The smiths and I are going down to Two Medicine Thursday after school (May 18th). It should be a great trip. The water will be up and the surfing should be fine. Make sure you are comfortable with a body rappel, or bring a harness. We will be meeting in front of DQ (alternate school at about 3:30. This should be a great trip, especially for experienced paddlers that have never run this section. FUN The flows look to be a solid medium. Don't forget a throw bag.

chris g said...

Holly kanuckle, rivers are up. Bull is at 225cms, elk is at 170cms and kootenai and yaak are near flood stage. The two medicine is at 1100cfs and everything is cresting. It could be a big boat weekend! Calgary area has come up to medium flows.

The two trip is still on as I think the water should be fine, just bring a throw rope, and make sure you roll. I am bringing my creeker. I sure do miss my outlaw on these days.

Nathan said...

I don't know what holly or kanuckles have to do with water flow, but I do know that Two Medicine is a new favorite. We headed out from Cardston at 4:30 pm and spent a beautiful evening (I didn't think I could have one of those with two other guys involved) floating down some fairly consistant rapids surrounded by amazing scenery. We were able to avoid most of the logs and practiced a lot of eddie turning thanks to Chris' guidance.

Hopefully, Chris will post some of the pictures we snagged. There is a good one of him about to go off the 15 ft falls and some of other features on the stretch we ran.

Hace a great long weekend, and happy paddling.

Nathan said...

I just took a visit further down the blog. Chris has already posted the pictures.

Fun river!

Nathan said...

Lower St. is flowing at just over 30 cms. It was a good run at those flows last October. Anybody interested in going towards the end of next week? Friday or Saturday if the flows are sill up (dam controlled)?