Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lower Saint on Wednesday Cancelled

Well, due to car problems on Tuesday and lack of interest on Wednesday (Sorry Kevin!) or the short notice, I was only able to get one intersted party for the Lower Saint this week. If there are any interested parties for next week, please post to let me know. I would like at least 3 total (not me, myself and I) to make the trip worthwhile and for safety reasons.

The trip would depend on interest, weather and flow levels. I there are enough interested parties, we could find water so the levels wouldn't be so important.

To make it easier for me to contact you, my email address is below. This is specifically for Scottg and Kevin, who expressed interest already. I'll need phone numbers to contact you as I don't have yours Scott and I have seemed to have miss placed yours Kevin.

Again sorry about the trip not going this week, but let's try and get some interest for next week!


Janson said...

I am all over that idea like white on rice. But I am wondering if I could car pool with you mark? All my gear is in Cardston so you don't have to take anything but myself. So I am wondering if that is okay!!

ScottG said...

I'd love to go too.

scottg said...

oh, by the way,
i'll need to rent some gear to go.
is the red/black/white (dagger i think) available?

Nathan said...

Janson, if you are doing Lower St. you will need your gear in Magrath. Do you want me to take it to work tomorrow? Sorry, I can't go. I really enjoyed Lower at around 30 cms. I will be with our Cardston beginner group and Chris on the Upper. We will be at put in around 5. Maybe we'll see you there is you decide to do Upper.